Training that makes you think

Range vs. Range puts you in the driver's seat. This training is not about watching someone else play. Range vs. Range is watching you play. You will face exactly the kinds of decisions that you'll get at the table, and Range vs. Range will tell you exactly how to improve.

Training that targets the situations you need to improve

If you are a heads-up player, you can play our heads-up situation. 6-max player having trouble playing in position when you've called a 3-bet? We've got that covered too. Whatever situation it is you want to practice or improve, Range vs. Range will train that situation until your strategy is perfect.

Training that makes you consider your range, not just your cards

Training on Range vs. Range is playing poker — but you don't get to see your cards. Instead, you see your range, and you decide what hands to fold, call or raise. If you know anything about playing mid-stakes and above, you already know that range-based thinking is vital to beating the regulars.

Training that takes the luck out of poker

Luck is what makes poker fun. Luck is also what makes it so hard to improve. When you try something new, you never really know if it's working, or if you are just running good. Your sample size is never big enough. Range vs. Range gives you every hand with equal probability — an infinity of experience, dealt to you in every hand you play.

Training that shows you precisely how much EV you are losing

After every hand, you'll get strategic analysis of every combo in every range through the hand. If you folded a hand that was worth a call, or jammed with a hand that should have been a fold, or if you missed a bluff, we'll tell you exactly how much it cost you. And that's all in just one hand, because you're playing your range, not your cards.

Training that shows you how to improve incrementally, from where you are right now

Other kinds of poker training tell you what you should do. There is even software out there now that tells you what stats you should have, that you can improve by mimicking others' statistics. This is madness! Don't aim to be someone else. Be yourself, but better. Keep what is good about your game, and improve what is not. Don't mimic the regulars, beat them.

Training to beat the regulars in your game

You already know how to beat fish. Range vs. Range is about beating the better players, about making you the best player at the table, about turning the regulars into fish, about beating the players who are making the training videos, whose stats are the targets in Leak Buster. This is continual improvement, from where you are right now, and there is no limit.